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Publishing Accessibly—Open Access and Your Library as a “Publisher”

The 2015 Library Publishing Forum took place in Portland, Oregon, in late March, nestling itself comfortably following the ACRL conference. Program topics explored themes such as the evolving role of libraries as “publishers” and what that role really entails. What can library publishers do that we cannot get from huge publishing houses or university presses?

The debate about terminology defined at least one of the sessions, inspiring heated participation among the audience. During the break-out discussions led in another session by library colleagues from Stockholm University, questions of peer review procedures were tied to the increasing interest in publishing open access monographs. While some schools cited challenges in motivating authors to contribute large-scale works to open access collections, many positive opportunities were identified for libraries to addressareas where publishers have historically struggled.

So what exactly are these areas of opportunity for libraries to participate in open access publishing? And what can libraries do differently from other publishers?

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